Storage Widget

Enterprise Storage for Hosted Fax and Call Recording in the Customer Administration Portal

In the Enterprise Services section of the Customer Administration Portal there is the Storage Widget, which is used to manage the storage from Hosted Fax and Call Recording.

Every product that uses storage (Personal Hosted Fax, Shared Hosted Fax, and Call Recording) will grant the PBX 1GB of Enterprise Storage space. This is a bulk storage, so the 1GB of storage per product is not reserved for that product, specifically. 

For example, if you have 3 Call Recording products and 1 Shared Hosted Fax, your PBX has 4GB of storage space that can be utilized across all of these products.

Each product allows you to manage the storage of their services, so you can delete or download as you see fit on a case by case basis.

As the storage space fills up, the portal Administrators are alerted at certain intervals that the storage limit is being reached.


If you exceed the storage limit, the products will continue to work and none of your past items will be deleted, but you will be charged data overage if you do not manage your stored items.