September 2022 Routing Update in the Inteliquent Portal

Improved number routing now available

We’re excited to announce an enhanced way to specify telephone number routing for greater flexibility.  

Previously, you were limited to as many number routing options as inbound-capable trunk groups. For example, if you had Trunk Group A in New York and Trunk Group B in Los Angeles, you'd have only two routing options since routing was specified by trunk group. In a typical routing configuration, you'd have something like Routing Option 1 in the diagram below (with New York sequentially first) and Routing Option 2 (with Los Angeles sequentially first).  

With this new enhancement, the Inteliquent customer portal and API will support as many routing options for telephone numbers as you desire. For example, Routing Option 3 can be added with proportional routing, while Routing Option 4 can be added for round robin routing, etc. Each of these new routing options will have optional customer-defined names for easy selection by portal users and API developers.

What this means for network engineers:

The Sinch Voice (Inteliquent) network already supports a wide range of routing options. This change removes the previous restriction of having only as many routing options as inbound-capable trunk groups.

What this means for portal users:

Portal users won't notice a difference in how routing options are selected. The existing options will continue to appear with the same customer-defined names. If new routing options are added, they will simply show as new options on the portal and can be renamed like any other routing option.

What this means for API developers:

  • This change is fully backwards compatible, so the existing routing options and parameters will continue to work as they have in the past.
  • To take advantage of new routing options, a new routing option parameter is available and can be used in place of the existing trunk group parameter. Please see the API guide on the Resources page under the Portal Reference Documents section.

Routing Option Enhancement Timing

The ability to add new routing options will be supported for routing changes on existing numbers in the September 2022 release. New phone number and port-in orders will support the new routing options in 4Q 2022.