UCaaS Fax Solutions

There are two fax categories within the Inteliquent UCaaS platform, one is designed to work with a fax machine and the other is strictly cloud-based. 

“Fax” is the transmission, via telephone tone modulation, of scanned printed material. Normally, this occurs between dedicated machines.

Fax Line

This fax service is compatible with customers’ existing fax machines and replaces the need for an Analog POTS line service. Since this service requires a device (specifically an ATA), it is found in the Customer Administration Portal in the Locations section. This service will have its own DID.

This product is meant to integrate to an analog fax machine through an ATA device, which then converts the analog signaling to Voice-over-IP (VoIP). The call is routed through our core network for end-to-end communication between the sending and receiving fax machines with no store-and-forward service in between.

Hosted/Cloud Fax

The hosted fax product cuts out the machine on one end of the connection, instead utilizing a purpose-built fax solution in the cloud. The other end of the fax communication can be either a traditional fax machine or another hosted endpoint with a fax ATA device. Hosted Fax is a cloud based faxing solution that enables users to leverage their Customer Administration Portal for sending and receiving faxes on their own private account without the need for hardware or fax machines. Hosted Fax provides 1GB of enterprise storage for each personal or shared hosted fax feature. The Hosted Fax service is found in the Customer Admin Portal in the Enterprise Services section. Each hosted fax product will receive its own DID. 

You can find more information about using the Hosted Fax product.