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Unified Messaging in the Customer Administration Portal

Setting up Voicemail to Email


  1. Log into the Customer Administration Portal
  2. Go to Locations > All Locations
  3. Find the extension you wish to edit
  4. Press the edit icon on the right hand side
  5. Go to Messaging Tab
  6. Scroll down to Unified Messaging
  7. Turn the switch from Use Unified Messaging to Forward to Email if you want to ONLY receive emails
  8. Keep the switch on Use Unified Messaging to use both the phone voice portal and have an option to receive an email
  9. Confirm the email address in the "Email will be sent to" field IF you have selected Forward to Email
  10. Enter the preferred email address in the "Forward a copy of this email to" field and turn it on IF you want a copy sent there, or if you have selected Use Unified Messaging
  11. Save