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Using Web Pop In Voyant Connect Desktop 22.7.5

Using Web Pop In Voyant Connect Desktop

Voyant Connect 22.7.5 now lets you enable and enter a specially formatted URL that you can launch when you receive a call.

In Settings, a More Information option is available. The default is disabled. Enable the option and you can enter a URL into the text box.

The URL has a number of options that can be used to pass to any web application that is specially coded to use them. Work with your IT department or CRM vendor on how to use these options.

Example URL:

This is an example URL where values that can be retrieved from the incoming call are substituted into the URL using %(field) formatting.


The following options are available:

%(FirstName) : This is your logged in users first name
%(LastName) : This is your logged in users last name
%(EmailAddress) : This is your logged in users email address if available
%(Phone) : This is your own phone number
%(RemotePhone) : This is the phone number of the calling party, or extension if the caller is in your same location group
%(RemoteName) : This is the remote parties caller name if available
%(CallType) : Indicates whether the calling is incoming our outgoing

Using the Link

Once the feature is enabled and a URL is entered, the incoming call toast will have a new option:

Clicking the launch icon will invoke your default browser with the entered URL. An example URL that could be generated is the following:


If you already have a call answered, you can invoke the link from the toolbar.

Click the menu expansion and then select More Information from the extra menu. This will also invoke the URL using your default browser.

For use with most CRM applications, you should already be logged into the application in another tab in your browser.