Vitelity Fax Enabled Device Set-up

How to set up FED on your Vitelity system

Included below are all the necessary steps involved in setting up your vFax DID as well as getting the Fax Enabled Device set up with the vFax DID and vFax account near the bottom of this ticket. 

How to Order FEDs: (will includes pricing options on the form)
1. User Portal
2. Buy Now (left side menu)
3. Add-ons
4. Fax Enabled Device
5. Fill out form to order

vFax DID Setup Outbound faxing:  
1.) Log into the user Portal (  
2.) Go to the Products and Services menu (left side of the screen)  3.) Choose vFax (NOT under the sub-menu of My Numbers menu) 4.) Choose Accounts
5.) Choose New vFax Account top right of section
6.) Create login credentials for vFax user to access the vFax portal
      a.) Name = for your organizational needs (department, company name, customer name etc.)  
      b.) Put a tick-mark next to the vFax DID you would like to associate with vFax user
      c.) Add any email address you would like to authorize for outbound faxing only
      d.) Choose Submit
7.) To login to the vFax portal, please visit and use the vfax account credentials

vFax DID Setup Inbound faxing:
(To authorize an email address to receive faxes)
1.) Choose vFax Numbers  on the left side menu
2.) Search for the DID you would like to add email address to
3.) Under the Select Action menu to the right of the DID, choose Set fax-to-email address
4.) Add any email addresses you would like authorized to receive faxes via email (add one email, choose "add email" than add next email address etc.) choose Submit

Fax Enabled Device Setup:  
1.) Log into the user portal (
2.) Go to the My Products and Services menu on the left side of the screen
3.) Choose vFax
4.) Choose Manage Fax enabled device
5.) Choose vFax number from the drop down list for vFax Number
6.) Choose the vFax account from the drop down list for vFax Account category 7.) Toggle the Enabled option under the Accept inbound category
8.) Choose Update
9.) Reset Fax Enabled Device to update the device successfully
     a.) Unplug from power source
     b.) Press reset pin
     c.) Re-connect power source while still pressing the reset pin
     d.) Continue to hold reset pin, wait for lights to flash than count for 20 - 30 seconds
     e.) Let go of reset pin, and wait 15 - 20 minutes to come back online and finish provisioning  
     f.) Test inbound/outbound faxes 

If FED is still not registering, please create support ticket under “Fax Enabled Device service issue", and our technicians will work to get the device provisioned successfully.