March 2023 Updates to the Vitelity Customer Portal

Vitelity Local Number Portability Improvements

We are excited to announce our new local number porting (LNP) order process will be released on Wednesday, March 15. This easy-to-use, self-service module will enable managing port orders (local and toll-free numbers) quickly and efficiently. Users will be able to check on order status throughout the lifecycle and manage activations all within the Vitelity portal. Plus, you’ll have the ability to select a requested due date, identify fax numbers, and activate numbers on demand.

Updated APIs will be included in this release. We’ll provide several months’ time, with our backward compatibility support, for our API users to update their systems and take advantage of the new capabilities. The current APIs will be functional and available after this release. We will reach out with additional information specific to our API customers later this month.

The question you might be asking is, “What’s next?” More information such as help guides and videos will be provided as the release date approaches. Below is a sneak peek of portal capabilities coming soon.

View your orders

Track your orders with a fresh new page listing all your orders and details with real-time information.

View and manage a specific order

Drill-down capabilities are available to view order specific details to make updates or cancel as necessary.

Add and review notes

Communicate with porting teams through notes specific to orders in near real time. No need for support tickets.