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What is Sinch Calling for Zoom Phone?

Experience seamless collaboration with Sinch Calling for Zoom Phone

Sinch Calling for Zoom Phone is a cloud-based solution that elevates business communication with high-quality audio calls and seamless centralized management. It offers flexible number options, comprehensive calling services, and enhanced caller ID, making it perfect for both small businesses and large enterprises. Enjoy effortless scalability and reliability, all through an easy-to-use self-service portal.

Transform your communication with Sinch Calling for Zoom Phone

Let go of the constraints of traditional phone systems and embrace the future with our comprehensive cloud-based solution. Sinch Calling for Zoom Phone is designed to elevate your communication experience. With Sinch’s PSTN voice solution and custom portal, you can enjoy centralized management, high-quality audio, and enterprise-grade reliability. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our solution scales effortlessly to meet your needs.

Local and toll-free numbers

Our powerful search engine and extensive number inventory makes it easy for you to find the best number — discover local numbers based on area code, prefix or specific line numbers as well as vanity or random numbers for toll-free


Calling services

Calling services include outbound, inbound, toll-free calls, and international long distance


Numbers and porting

Order numbers in our self-service portal from Sinch's extensive database or port numbers from your previous provider


Caller ID

CNAM lookup is included on each phone number and presents the callers’ name


Maximize efficiency and performance with Sinch Calling for Zoom Phone

Discover the unparalleled benefits of Sinch Calling for Zoom Phone. Enhance call quality, reduce costs, and enjoy superior reliability and coverage.

Streamlined administration

Easily order, port and manage phone through our customer portal

Superior quality

Enhance your team's productivity and customer satisfaction with reliable and high-quality communication

Cost effective

Affordable voice calling

Effortless scalability

Scale your communication needs effortlessly as your business grows

Exceptional reliability and coverage

Enjoy the most directly interconnected voice network in the U.S. with fully geo-redundant interconnections

Enhanced features

Inbound caller ID with robocalling detection