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Windows OS Silent Install for Voyant Connect 22.5.3 Only

Windows OS Silent Install

Voyant Connect can be installed on Windows using the command line. This is ideal for situations where the client needs to be installed remotely.

At the command prompt, the following options are available:

NOTE: The options are case sensitive.

/S - silent
/ALLUSERS - install for all users, default is for logged in user
/NOSTART - don't start the app after installation
/outlookaddin - if you also want to install the outlook plugin component
/D=C:\Program Files\Users\....  etc to install to a different directory


The command to install Voyant Connect silently in the default directory for all users with the outlook plugin included would be:

C:> Voyant_Connect-bc-uc-win-22-5-3-142.exe /S /ALLUSERS /NOSTART /outlookaddin