Call Center Supervisor Client

How to log into your Call Center Supervisor Client

When you have been licensed as a Call Center Supervisor, many of your features are accessed on a separate web interface called the Supervisor Client. This article will explain how to log in and what you can do.

Setting Up Your Credentials

The first thing you will need to do is sync your Customer Admin Portal credentials with the services to allow your access. Your username will be [your 10-digit phone number] and your password will be the same as the password you use to log into the Customer Admin Portal. You can find full instructions at Syncing your Login Credentials with the Customer Administration Portal.

Find your Client URL

You can find the address for your Supervisor Client in the Customer Admin Portal on the Call Center tab. It is located behind the button at the top that looks like a chain link.


Log into the Client

Armed with the url and the credentials, log into the website.


How to use the Client

This video can walk you through what you can do with the Supervisor Client.