Convert Hunt Group to Call Center Queue

If a Call Center can be looked at as an advanced Hunt Group, then there will be times where a hunt group is not sufficient and the flow should be moved to a call center queue.

This article will break down where to place the appropriate information from the hunt group to a standard call queue.

Basic Configuration

Hunt Group Name : Queue Profile Tab - Queue Name
Caller ID First/Last Name: Queue Profile Tab - Same Fields
Extension: Queue Profile Tab - Same Fields
Time Zone: Queue Profile Tab - Same Fields
Virtual Toll Free Number: Queue Profile Tab - Phone Number
Allow Call Waiting on Phones: Queue Profile Tab - Agent Settings - Same Field
Deliver Hunt Group name in CLID: no option to replicate
Hunting Policy: Queue Profile Tab - Call Distribution Type

User/Extensions: Users Tab

Right Side - Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding Options: Call Routing Tab - Overflow Settings
Not Reachable/Offline Option: Call Routing Tab - Stranded Calls Settings

Bottom - Scheduled Call Routing

Call Routing Tab - At the bottom