Directed Call Pickup with Barge-In

How to use the Barge feature

What it does

Barge-In is a feature that permits one user in the UCaaS PBX to enter into the call of another. This turns the active call into a three-way call with the new user now a part of it. 

What it does not

This feature is not subtle. It will force its way into the existing call without warning or option for the parties on the active call.

How to Barge-In

  1. Pick up your handset or press speakerphone and dial the feature code *33
  2. At the prompt, enter the extension to barge
  3. You are now part of a three way call with the extension you entered and any party they were on the line with

If you have a service with a BARGE button, such as a Call Center Supervisor Client or the Receptionist Client, you can use the dedicated button - but the effect is the same.