June 3 2024 UCaaS Enhancements for Atlas

Product changes and fixes

On June 3, 2024, additional feature changes and fixes will be added to the Atlas customer lifecycle management portal to improve user experience and functionality.

Updates - UCaaS Services

Added support for Grandstream V2 (Version 2) devices

Support has been added for the Grandstream GXW4216 V2, GXW4224 V2 and the GXW4248 V2 multi-port analog gateways. The firmware for these gateways automatically works with the provisioning server so no manual steps are needed to get these to work. Additional features include a gigabit LAN interface. Additionally, the V2 devices have a randomized default password for enhanced security and factory resetting will default to this password. The devices are otherwise identical to the V1 gateways in form/function.

E911 Address Bulk Import per customer

E911 addresses can now be bulk imported in Atlas. Open a customer account in the Customers tab and choose Locations from the Category drop-down. Click E911 Address Update at the bottom of the section. A new CSV upload section has been added to the dialog. Click on the “click here” link to download a template CSV file.

NOTE: editing ZIP codes in Excel is problematic if the ZIP code begins with 0. Excel will remove the leading 0. A CSV file is simply a text file and can be opened in Notepad or another text editor if you have ZIP codes beginning with 0.

When editing the template, you can delete rows for addresses you don’t plan to change. Once you’ve edited the template, click on Choose and select your new template to upload. The next section will show the column mapping according to your CSV file to give you an idea of what will be imported. Click Proceed to continue the import. Then click Validate. This will ensure the address validates with the E911 service.

Click Update to queue the request to update the E911 addresses. Pending updates will show with a lock icon. Once complete, the E911 Address will show the updated address.


Email Address Report now contains notification email addresses

When loading a customer account in Atlas and choosing the Features & Services category, the E911 Address Report button can be used to send yourself an email report containing the currently assigned E911 addresses per number. This report is being updated to also include any notification email addresses for each entry.


Updates - Microsoft Operator Connect for Partners

Adding Cancel Order option in Service Orders for Operator Connect

Once a Sales Orders has been submitted, an option in Service Orders is now available to cancel the order in case something is incorrect on the order. This can only be done prior to working any steps in the workflow. Once a workflow step has been worked, the order can no longer be cancelled. To cancel, find the Service Order and click the + symbol on the left side of the row, then find the Cancel Order option in the row of buttons on the right.



Fixed issue when restoring a cancelled seat containing a Generic Device

Fixed an issue that was preventing a cancelled seat with a Generic Device from being properly restored.

Fixed an issue resulting in some blank entries in the Recent Activities log after SSO is enabled for Cloud Business Fax

Fixed an issue in Cloud Business Fax where after a login user ID is updated once SSO is enabled, any previous Recent Activities entries related to that user were showing as blank.


nCommand Plus, homeXtend and officeXtend Client Updates

During the week of May 20th, updates to the nCommand Plus and homeXtend clients were made available. See this notice for more information.

Updates were also made available for officeXtend. See this notice for more information.