May 2024 App Update for officeXtend

Updates for officeXtend rolling out week of May 20, 2024

Updates will been released for the officeXtend mobile and desktop apps that includes various bug fixes and improvements


Support added for Yealink BH70 wireless headset


Fixed attended transfer notification issue

Improvements to issues with mobile apps not ringing in a timely manner

Fixed ringing issue on the second incoming call with Jabra - Jabra Direct requiring for proper functionality

Fixed issue with handling larger image attachments 



If you have automatic updates on for the mobile apps, the app will be installed automatically during the release week. If the update has not been applied, open the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and check if you have any outstanding app updates to apply.

When released, the new version 2.4 desktop app can be downloaded here.