June 3 2024 UCaaS Enhancements for the Customer Administration Portal

New features and updates for the customer administration portal

On June 3, 2024, the Customer Administration Portal will be updated with enhancements and fixes.


Ability to turn off end user notifications when creating single users

When creating or managing users in the Customer Administration Portal, a number of emails are automatically generated to the end user’s email address. A new option has been added in Administration and Access to selectively disable or enable some of the various emails that can be sent. A new Email Settings button has been added to the row of options along the top row. Click this button to bring up the options.

The settings provide the options to disable those emails (or re-enable them later). This lets you create and manage users without all the emails going out. If you are creating new users, you may still want to trigger a password reset email after the user has been fully setup if the user needs access to any of the soft clients or call center portals.

SIP Trunk International Calling Bulk Update Setting

International calling options for SIP Trunk users is now available in the Bulk Update settings. Choose International Calling Feature (if enabled for your Enterprise), then Enable the option to make International Calls, choose the Calling Plan, then choose what users to apply the settings to. The options are Update for Selected Users (numbers labeled as Enterprise Service are the SIP Trunk DIDs), update it for all users in the Enterprise to the same options or update per location group. The click Update to apply. The operation will be performed in the background and will depend on how many numbers are being updated in terms of how long it will take to complete.

Email addresses entered for users will now be forced to all lowercase

When adding or importing users and entering their email addresses, those email addresses will be forced to lowercase going forward to ensure better consistency in representing how those emails are shown throughout the Customer Administration Portal.

E911 Report now contains notification email addresses

When loading a Location, the E911 Report button can be used to send yourself an email report containing the currently assigned E911 addresses per number. This report is being updated to also include any notification email addresses for each entry.


Fixed an issue where supervised call recording permissions weren’t being honored

Fixed an issue where the User Permission setting for Can View, Download and Email Recorded Calls was being ignored even if the permission was disabled and users were seeing those actions as available to use.


officeXtend Client Update

During the week of May 20th, updates to the officeXtend clients were made available. See this notice for more information.