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What is Operator Connect?

How will this product help your customers?

Seamless, integrated Microsoft Teams calling — with Operator Connect 

Expand your reach and collaboration over the #1 network through Teams calls to anyone, anywhere  

Microsoft’s service, Operator Connect, allows businesses to quickly turn Teams into a business phone system by enabling full PSTN connectivity. Users can now call anyone, anywhere, even if they don’t use Teams. 


Ultimate quality  

With over 99.999% uptime and fully geo-redundant interconnections, you can rely on our best-in-class, nationwide network coverage. 

Reliable emergency call routing  

We’re one of a select few 911 providers to offer secure, seamless emergency services through Microsoft Teams.  


Enhanced support and customer experience  

Take advantage of our expert resources for service management, shared service level agreements with Microsoft, and automated, simple self-service portal to boost internal and external customer experience. 


Experience the ultimate call quality on a secure and reliable network. 

Get maximum reach and communicate securely and reliably with anyone over the largest nationwide network, with 94% population coverage.  


Manage critical emergency calls with confidence 

Enable a seamless connection to emergency services through Microsoft Teams with an integrated E911 solution, with 911 nomadic location management, precision routing, and reliable call transport through our reliable network infrastructure. 


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