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Setting up your PBX

Using the Customer Administration Portal to Configure your PBX

When configuring your PBX for the first time, the following procedures apply.

1. Create and Set-Up an Admin Account

Without a proper Admin account, you will be restricted to Super Admin access.

2. Create Users

Each seat needs a user, and if those are unique it makes dialing and communicating easier:

3. Assign Users to Seats

Once the users have been set up, you can assign them to the desired seats:

4. Customize Extensions

The seats can then have their extensions customized for easier internal dialing:

You can save time by integrating steps 2, 3, and 4 with Bulk Updating

5. Build Schedules

Build necessary schedules for Business Hours and After-Hours

6. Build Hunt Groups

Hunt Groups set up an algorithm to help find the right person for the caller:

7. Configure Auto Attendants

Auto Attendants allow your callers to interact with menus to find the appropriate person to help. Every PBX has at least one available.

8. Direct Company Main Number

Virtual Numbers and the Company Main Number give your customers a number to call for your business: